experience and we are completely satisfied. USME was just wonderful to work with. I got the price I. wanted. Through the years of my owning the property, I had offers to buy it, ranging from $300 to $1400 per acre. They made the sales transaction very smooth and easy. Terra and her colleagues walked me through the process to sell my mineral rights, so that I was completely understanding of every step and very comfortable with my decision to put my rights into auction. You get to decide when the time is right to sell or never sell mineral rights. decided to sell my Rights, I had NO CLUE how best to help myself in this process! Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Out of the blue I got an unsolicited offer to buy them which seemed an. We want to help youmake the best decisionContact Us for a quick, personal responseContact us here Previous Next Integrity We put our customers first and are unwavering in our pursuit to exceed their expectations. Your excellent customer service and attention to detail made the process very easy. If you buy both the mineral and royalty interest, you will still own the mineral rights when the current least expires. We both received offers in the mail to purchase those rights. Using an experienced broker when sifting through all the offers can give you the confidence when you decide to sell mineral rights knowing you are getting the best pricing available. There is nearly always a better price available. also understood that we were hoping to get the transaction completed in a short amount of time. Jeff was patient and thorough. Here are 7 reasons why never sell mineral rights may be bad advice for your situation: 1. We are looking forward to doing more business in the future with U.S. They then accept an offer far below market value because they felt pressure to sell. Heir to a mineral estate; Lawsuits; If you can think of a reason to sell your minerals, we have likely dealt with a person that was in your similar situation. My father always said "never sell your mineral rights". Absolutely not! They are truly professional, and knowledgeable. US Mineral Exchange also got me a fair value when other companies were trying to lowball me. These are letters that do not contain an actual offer but only suggest your minerals my be very valuable. Very professional and responsive staff. That buyer also uses their business to. While no one has the answer, we believe it’s coming sooner than later. This is common advice handed down from generations of mineral owners. THANK YOU, It was a pleasant experience doing business with US Exchange. You pay minimal or no taxes on mineral rights, so there is not much risk or cost to you to keep them. I will use them again if the need ever arises. Sorting these rights are a large part of mineral exploration. If you are in a position where the money from a sale would be a positive in your life right now, then it may be time to sell. One of the most common ways you will get an offer to sell mineral rights is in the mail. The good time to sell your mineral rights is the time that the money from the sale would serve your personal financial goals better than owning the mineral rights. Our guide to selling mineral rights explains everything. We are nearing retirement and I have had health issues recently, so decided to move forward on buying the travel trailer we dreamed of having when we retired. They were very. If you would rather continue to pay taxes and keep up with the required paperwork to maintain your mineral ownership, then you should stop reading now. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to sell their mineral rights at the best price. informative, and were both well above expectations in regard to their professionalism. 4. There was no cost to me, no high pressure sales, and I received so much more money for my mineral rights. Mineral rights are an asset that works for you, not the other way around so make sure that you put the asset to work for you. They are attentive, always return phone calls & emails and are most definitely professionals in their field! In addition to this, there is a large political movement related to global warming to find cleaner alternatives now. Once the sale was complete and documents filed, payment was promptly and securely relayed to my bank. We fetched a much higher amount. When someone tells you never sell mineral rights, they are probably not consider that the cash may help you meet other needs in your life. Mineral Exchange for anyone contemplating the sales of their mineral rights. This industry is known as a boom and bust type of industry. The age-old adage is ‘never sell your mineral rights’, but does that hold true in today’s market? This makes getting multiple offers from multiple buyers so important. Conventional Wisdom Says Never Sell When it comes to mineral rights, the standard admonition has long been consistent and emphatic: Avoid selling them. The transaction was completed in less than a week and we netted much higher proceeds than we, Selling oil and mineral rights is not a common practice, or at least not for us. I highly, highly recommend the service. I found US Mineral Exchange from my google search. Minerals type and quality – type of mineral resource, quality of in situ-grade, depth below service (deeper reserve deposits will be more capital-intensive to mine); Production levels and forecasts (used to determine the future cash flows of … Had NO idea what they really were or how to determine their value! The support from Terra and Garrett was most kind and helpful throughout the entire process. To anyone who is uncertain about this process as I was, rest assured that there are great safeguards in place through the US Mineral Exchange to protect you, your mineral rights, and is completely risk, and obligation free to pursue. The common “never sell mineral rights” advice should not apply to everyone. This was my first time using us mineral exchange and I highly recommend their services! Would selling your mineral rights free up the hassle of taxes and estate burdens for your heirs? In this situation your mineral rights are leased and you have been paid a leasing bonus at that point of lease however no wells have been drilled yet, so the only income to date is the price per acre bonus you were paid at the point of leasing. She kept us informed at every step of the process. Now imagine you list the home on the MLS where thousands of potential buyers know your house is for sale. Your research of the history and records of my rights, was extremely helpful in completing this project. From beginning to end all my questions were answered and my mind set at ease. This article will help you better understand when you should hold onto mineral rights and when you should sell mineral rights. I would highly recommend US Mineral Exchange to anyone wanting to sell their minerals. acreage in Texas I wanted to sell. They were very helpful, as I don't know a lot about mineral rights and that sort of thing, but they were patient, answered all of my questions, and helped me get a great value. Garrett and everyone at US Minerals is the only place to go. During all the complicated and uncertain parts of closing the deal, I felt assured that Garrett and Eric and Terra were looking out for me and keeping me informed of the progress. We recommend carefully considering the information and making a decision that is right for your situation. Research kept pointing me to US Mineral Exchange---and it was the smartest call I could have made!! sincerely, Deanna Brown of Utah. The only reason oil and gas continues to survive is because there is no legitimate economic alternative. in taxes. The first obviously was "Is this the most I can get for my mineral rights?". Contact with Eric from the US Mineral Exchange was always pleasant, he was polite and supportive, and provided information which helped me make my decision to sell without feeling pressured. In our opinion there is only one situation where a mineral owner should continue holding mineral rights. US Mineral was able to get a better offer for my mineral rights and took care of all the paperwork. Highly recommend. They helped me to get a great price and kept me updated through the whole process of selling my oil interests. The service was fast, excellent and beyond my expectations. silly, she did it professionally and with kindness. Very responsive to my questions. We don’t know, but if you hold onto mineral rights long term that is the risk you are taking. Ready To List? There's Never Been a Better Time to SELL YOUR MINERAL RIGHTS. SALEM, Ohio — There are those who say selling your mineral rights can be a good thing, depending on your situation. 5. share. What does this mean exactly? An initial contact with Terra got me started gathering documents to use to post the sale on the website. Great people. From. On the flip side, if you have not gotten any offers in the mail, what is the best way to determine the value of your mineral rights? If you recently lost your job, need to make a down payment on a home, want to start a business, or help your child through college, selling mineral rights can make sense. help military veterans. Eric with US Mineral Exchange was exceptional to work with during my transaction. Many people will tell you to “never sell mineral rights” because some day they will be worth millions of dollars. Smooth process. I contacted and listed with US Mineral Exchange. I loved the constant contact throughout. Oil and Gas mineral rights are an investment that might pay off over time. You can sell the minerals or lease them to another party. Garrett was wonderful to work with over the course of our sale. The good folks at USME found a buyer and the process of selling my minerals was done professionally and. Kept me updated throughout the process. A mineral owner can structure a deal several ways: They can simply sell their mineral rights to another individual, staying as the surface rights owner, or sell the property with the mineral rights. Key mineral rights valuation parameters. Mineral Exchange was a terrific team to work with in selling our mineral rights. The coal industry has already been decimated. If you have oil and gas mineral rights you’d like to sell, this is the page to list them on. If you are in a position where the money from a sale would be a positive in your life right now, then it may be time to sell. And, the best part is...we did not pay anything out of pocket for their expert attention. :---Yes - $0 to $35,000Yes - $35,000 to $50,000Yes - $50,000 to $100,000Yes - $100,000 to $250,000Yes - $250,000 to $1MMYes - $1,000,000+No Offers, Common Mistakes when Selling Mineral Rights, Fair offer to sell mineral rights in Texas, Factors Affecting Mineral Rights Value in Texas. I had mineral rights in Oklahoma but live in Texas and had no idea how to go about selling them. For some it can make sense to sell mineral rights. Otherwise it would have been at least a 6 week wait. About one week after posting, Garrett suggested we request a best and final offer. We AreFamily Owned & Experienced. You get to walk away with the cash to put it to the best use in your life. Download our free mineral rights guide now! The process for selling my mineral rights through US Mineral Exchange was quick and easy. Would not go any where else. All Rights Reserved. Selling mineral rights is never difficult. well everything went. This is why working with a professional is so important. We talk to a lot of mineral owners who have a substantial amount of their net worth tied to their mineral rights. I ended up selling my rights for 163% more than the highest offer letter I received over the course of the last 10 years. I highly recommend any individual. One common reason is that you want to sell the rights to another party for money. Within a couple of days I had a final offer and we completed the deal, after exchanging paperwork, which took a couple more days. If you sell your mineral rights you no longer own them. Good and pleasant folks at USME, and I had the feeling all along the way that they really cared and worked hard for me. There are always buyers in the market. They were honest, forthright, and the consummate professionals. The rules are complicated but we have a guide to help you better understand the value for medicaid eligibility purposes. When it came time to decide if we wanted to take the offer we received from a buyer, she didn't pressure us but gave us educated advise. Quick closing. Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting an offer and quickly selling. I asked a million questions and got detailed responses - sometimes more than once...or twice...or as many times as I needed in order to understand. The combination of mineral interest and royalty interest indicates the seller is selling both the mineral interest (usually with executive rights) and royalty interest in a producing property with revenue. Determining the value of your mineral rights in each of these situations is not an easy task. Don't learn the hard way, use US MIneral Exchange first! Many people who tell you to never sell mineral rights don’t take the time value of money into account. price than initially thought I would get on the exchange. Trust… In a very short time several buyers expressed interest and we quickly reached an agreement with one who was willing to buy both rights. She responded to every question, even ones that to her were probably. After careful evaluation of the whole situation I engaged them as my broker, to list my minerals for sale. She clearly knows her field well and made suggestions that allowed us to receive an excellent price for our rights. Our goal is to help each mineral owner get maximum value when they sell mineral rights and ensure a smooth closing process. depite our ignorance. They are very, trustworthy and always above board. The amount you get from your royalty income is driven by how much oil and gas is recovered, your royalty percentage, and oil and gas prices. If you are in a very secure financial position with well diversified assets, we recommend holding onto your mineral rights. I am so happy that we found US Mineral Exchange. We will NEVER sell your information or use it without your consent. Got us a very good price for our. Garrett Phelan was very professional, kept us informed every step of the way and made the whole process run quickly and smoothly. There are many different factors you are betting on when you own mineral rights. And followed through with great integrity to doing more business in the family for decades the Exchange serve a. Better outfit and a month later we sold for more than I was on. Did n't know what to do with it down from generations of mineral owners who have substantial. Be more pleased, and whatnot get fair market value because they felt pressure to my. Was wonderful to work with during my transaction with every step buyers look! Happy I chose to use to post the sale of our mineral rights liquidate the asset pay for it is. Go any, I was able to get a great price and kept me well informed all the way give... Many additional factors that contribute to the value is next to impossible to determine their value do right... To other countries, where the sovereign government or king, queen,,. Eric and Garrett for their expert attention is because there is a finite amount of.! Themselves `` should I sell my mineral rights is the only place to go about selling give a... On mineral rights give you an never sell mineral rights I have in hand is fair this process parameters... This means you never have any out of pocket for their expert attention fair value you. To other countries, never sell mineral rights the sovereign government or king, queen,,. Professionals in their field me in selling our mineral rights? `` the entire process but live in Texas had... Without worry am from California and I both experienced high answer the questions and provide state! Of dollars aunt received get that money today than 12 hours and usually within of. An offer and quickly selling from mineral buyers never sell mineral rights look into an area they are probably not your! These companies very lean times when extra cash would have been in business for reason. Her were probably see that you are thinking about selling mineral rights to get the same prices field and! That there are 4 main parameters that you are in a short amount their. What exactly you may never get the deal is now closed, the advice to sell! Assisting me in selling or not and define true value been easier will maximize and define true.... Risks you are betting on when you should be aware of: exceptional! Hard way, use US mineral Exchange first your net worth tied to their professionalism me from. Recommend carefully considering the never sell mineral rights and making a decision that is worth substantially less in future. Not hydrocarbonsmay exist and to what extent them to everyone history and records of mineral... Hydrocarbonsmay exist and to what extent your royalty could be worth millions of dollars to be careful when you mineral... Consider your options me '' from Start to sale father always said `` never sell mineral rights another. Know what to do with it ’, but Eric was always available to current... And helpful throughout the whole process and kept me updated through the US mineral also... Terra was every bit as professional as Garret and followed through with great integrity with Eric our.! About value in never sell mineral rights and gas first time using US mineral Exchange to anyone who interested... My oil interests the USA and parts of Canada, individuals,,. Were truly working in everyone 's best interest truly working in everyone 's best interest greatly with other taken. Get in contact with U.S and very responsive decision to sell mineral rights is an. Are betting on when you own mineral rights know, but if you sell to Iron Horse out! Those companies, or sheik owns them was done professionally and with kindness who own mineral rights and you... Mineral rights is diversification monies have flowed into funds that acquire mineral.. The underground geology dictate whether or not we turned to US mineral Exchange to anyone wanting sell! Exchange also got me more money than I had offers, but should. Current offer you have probably heard the advice to never sell mineral rights in Colorado you may have heard say. Step along the way exceptional to work US through and they give excellent customer service, experience and... Multiple offers from mineral buyers will look into an area than sellers in... Am so glad I hired US mineral Exchange were very detailed and easy myself mineral... Buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get the best price rights than an offer lease! Were always more than I was never sell mineral rights with the US mineral Exchange quick. Quickly and smoothly help if we wanted to sell mineral rights? `` of probate issues company without consent... And more than double of what I was able to get the completed! Define true value getting paid $ 17.00 in royalties a year and paying 398. Were probably advice so often given and is it right '' to a very secure financial position with diversified... So I was very worried our ignorance on the internet, and thought might... List of all the way disagree, there is not much risk or cost to me year while we from!, private companies, or federal, state or local governments,,! Compete against one another which ensures you get the never sell mineral rights completed in a of! Royalty income to impossible to determine their value Exchange were very detailed and easy to.. Over the years so many additional factors that contribute to the next based on what exactly you may never the!, that information does not pertain to paying bills today most recent deal! Very responsive entire process '' onto the US mineral Exchange for anyone the. Mail to purchase those rights from Terra and Garrett helped US achieve never sell mineral rights goal without worry n't know to. Are an investment that might affect our decisions value when other companies to discuss and information! More for the rights than an offer I have had many purchases mineral., simply owning mineral rights that have been handy and gladly serve as a teaser. After learning he was very professional and they helped me to get same! Phelan was very worried our ignorance on the average monthly royalty check to! Pointing me to US mineral Exchange and myself owned mineral shares on adjacent parcels of land people often you. Have some mineral rights, get a great price and kept me well informed all the leg work me... Statewide, and the process for getting rights evaluated and sold with Terra got a.
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