They share a love of technology and video games, and are frequently at each others' houses to play them together. Supporters of the twin theory point out the nations' birthdays merely refer to their date of independence or unification, and that a "nation" may not have an official birthday in the same sense as humans. He also eventually gets a rabbit and a guinea pig. Apparently the relationship gets better, since in Japan and the footsteps of Westernization, America visits his house. It is also possible that his name is a reference to the USS Alfred, the first ship to fly the Grand Union Flag. Hid in the ceiling and attempted to harpoon him, only to miss and for Russia to shake him down, revealing his hiding place. His first appearance in both the anime and the published manga shows him briefly wearing a more ornate version, with gold epaulets and frog clasps down in the front of the jacket. They also formed an alliance (Anglo-Japanese Alliance). When they finished cleaning, to show his gratitude, Japan gave him the cakes he had previously been asking for, however the work exhausted Prussia, so he could "only" eat 34. and it is mentioned that he has invented strange diet machines as well as becoming obsessed with exercise (which has caused him to become paranoid about his rising weight, as he is unaware of his building muscle). He loves hamburgers and junk food, to the point of an obsession, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting England's sense of taste (or lack thereof). He noted that if he had known the series would become bigger, the design would have been drastically different. World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. Turkey also threatened France on April Fools with "Don't you dare try anything on Japan. He has short blond hair with a cowlick, representing Nantucket, sticking up and blue eyes. According to Himaruya, America's personality was based off of his teacher's. It is a place where people can place headcanons while not showing any bias, ships are not the center of this wiki; as much depict in this fandom. In one strip, Turkey starts fighting with Greece when he sees the two together, presuming Greece wanted to take over Japan. He is also depicted in his WWII naval suit in instances where he originally wore other clothing in the equivalent manga strips. His profile states that his hobbies are sports, games, and making movies, but he also enjoys watching movies specifically of the horror genre. Language: English Words: 6,187 Chapters: 1/? The man who hoisted the flag was John Paul Jones. In a set of character notes, it is revealed that America has mingled a lot with Germanic blood, and that he was insecure for having no history of his own before England adopted him. Although he appears relatively calm most of the time, it is suggested that his anger would be the "scariest". Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959, and Alaska became a state on January 3, 1959, both after the end of World War II, the time in which the story primarily takes place. After falling into poverty due to WWI, Lithuania started to work for America as his housekeeper, finding himself a happy freedom in the process. Japan's relationship towards her has yet to be addressed as well. Also stated in the game, was Prussia's enjoyment of reading manga (he had attempted to learn to draw his own, but he sneezed and abandoned the project), something he possibly got from befriending Japan. America (アメリカ, Amerika) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and leads the Allied Forces. Though his exact age is unknown and Himaruya listed it as a "secret", some Japanese fans consider him to be approximately, Although being younger than China, Japan has expressed his old age on more than one occasion. America is shown to be ignorant of the geography outside his own home, believing that maps of the United States constitute the "world map" and believes that he can simply get to other countries by car travel. Differences between the American and Japanese culture and lifestyle are often explored using these two, such as in Traits of Japanese People that America-Kuns Have Noticed, and Why Americans Love Spring. Dec 11, 2018 - Explore Alvaro Banuelos's board "Christmas PFP" on Pinterest. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki's tenth episode is 21 minutes of pirate absurdity. However, it is shown that it is hard for him to get that angry, as he is mostly able to only summon an "unpleasant feeling". For deg som bor og jobber på Jessheim. A "chibi" version of Japan with his dog, Pochi. They do not get along very well. We leverage cloud and hybrid datacenters, giving you the speed and security of nearby VPN services, and the ability to leverage services provided in a remote location. It is unclear in the strips of what their relations were when they were younger, other than S. Korea mentioning that Japan had bullied him (and vowing to find proof to settle a bet). His last name could also refer to the action movie hero Indiana Jones, as America once stated that one of his own hobbies is archaeology. Apparently the relationship gets better, since in Japan and The Footsteps of Westernization, America visits his house. The two became acquainted with each other as part of the Axis, though Italy had once had a dream where he met a younger Japan. Italy's erratic driving had also inspired him to invent safer cars. It is also to be noted that while China considered Japan a younger brother, Japan himself denied there being such a connection when asked. Comments: 4 Kudos: 31 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 377 In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Honda Kiku (本田菊). Countryhumans or sometimes CountryHumans (often abbreviated as CH) refers to a fandom based around characters portrayed as humans but with Sphere heads and a human body.It is based around Hetalia, an anime series, and Polandball, an Internet meme created back in 2009 which the Countryhumans fandom is heavily based on towards Polandball due to it’s Spherical appearances, and … He then goes on to request that America ask if he will be able to make new friends, and America promptly makes the table shift once, exclaiming "That means the answer's yes!". America is a cheerful, energetic, yet somewhat conceited young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom. His childhood is spotlighted numerous times in the anime, including Episode 25, Episode 39, and Episode 40, which tells of how France and England battled each other over his ownership. The two nations are often shown to get along well. Also, in the Netherlands and Isolationist!Japan comic, it is shown that Netherlands is visibly bothered by the fact that Japan signed a peace treaty with America. After being discovered by China as a small child, Japan was raised by the older man, who taught him how to use kanji (which Japan used to create the hiragana alphabet). He is a part of the Axis Powers. Japan and Germany get along relatively well, and tend to be the only ones who adapt to the situation while joined together as the Axis Powers. All pages This wiki is not to be used or vandalised for destructing the fandom. He expressed dismay at the increase of the price of eggs due to a bad economy. When the Great Depression hit, Lithuania found himself having to return back home with Russia. Multi ships are implied/touched on but Guy and Sam is the focus. Hetalia Archives is a FANDOM Anime Community. The two have been shown to have a mutual respect of each others' history and artwork, and seem to be friends. Shipping, initially derived from the word relationship, is the desire by fans for two or more people, either real-life people or fictional characters (in film, literature, television, etc.) It can be inferred from a reference made about the Battle of Keichou that their relations were already starting to strain before the betrayal, combined with their differing views and Japan's vow to "become stronger". In Episode 06, while stranded on an island, Japan suggests to Germany that they call their team "Suujiku" (枢軸) (Axis); eine Achse in German, and un Asse in Italian. Placed an object (possibly an explosive or needle) in an ohagi in hopes that Russia would eat it, only for him to eat it and remain unaffected. During Russia's visit to Germany's house, Japan made many attempts to get revenge: More Like Gamba Vs. Noroi shows that Russia was able to curse Japan and make him fall ill from simply staring at him, an allusion to when Japan was effected by the Great Kantou earthquake. When asked about his complicated feelings, S. Korea claimed that he invented tsundere. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ledo loses control during the battle and is cast out to the far reaches of space, crash-landing on a waterlogged Earth. Furthermore, in the side-story Black Ships Have Come, in introducing himself to Japan, he states that his hobbies are "quick-draw, archaeology, and adventures" (which is translated to Japan as America's hobby being lechery). In 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu). The child version of America was also shown to have a bunny following him when he first met the older nations. Since the anime is based more off the published version of the manga than the original webcomic, Japan does not wear his black uniform in his introduction, instead wearing the decorative version of his naval suit before he becomes part of the Axis Powers. After America was discovered as a small child by Finland, England adopted and raised him like a younger brother, caring for him with adoration and teaching him how to be a nation. He introduces "table turning" to Japan, asking what he would like to question the table about. I'm really passionate about this one. Japan's seiyuu also voices Superbi Squalo from. Country From Where The Sun Rises, Zipangu. According to Himaruya, Japan would most likely have the blood type. Multichapter long fic with romance, slowburn, some minor swearing here and there. In some fanart, he is often portrayed with a rabbit, as "U.S.A." can also be "usa", which means "bunny" in Japanese. He then goes on to request that America ask if he will be able to make new friends, and America promptly makes the table shift once, exclaiming "That means the answer's yes!". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On multiple occasions, he has forced Japan to watch movies that he calls "Too freaking scary!" In 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu). He is also given an official cameo at the end of Episode 03 as a teaser before he is formally introduced in Episode 04. In the Lietuvis strips, Japan is shown to abhor Russia, his grudge stemming as far back as the Russo-Japanese War (although he defeated him, he wound up using up his life savings and became poor). It is a place where people can place head-canons while not showing any bias, ships are not the center of this wiki; as much depict in this fandom. As Hetalia was originally planned as a one chapter story, Himaruya did not expect Japan to become a popular character and drew him as a type of character he did not often utilize, with "soulless" eyes. It is a source of debate among fans as to whether it is America or Canada that is the older of the two brothers (with Hidekaz Himaruya having not confirmed a set age difference between the two). Though they have yet to meet in any of the actual strips, Himaruya has stated that they would both get along rather well and that Japan would refer to the other as "Romano-kun" (after initially "-san"). When Germany insists on continuing his relationship with Russia, Japan makes a resolution to dissolve himself and to become known as Minami-Centrair. In some of Himaruya's official art, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are a lighter brown. Or else I'll invade you.". It seems like Lithuania actually cares for America since in Episode 29 he asks Russia about him, although a trembling Estonia interrupts to remind him that he cannot talk to Russia about America. Kiku comes from the Japanese word for the Chrysanthemum flower, which is also the family crest of the Japanese Imperial family. He loves animals, especially cats, and owns a white dog called Pochi that resembles an Akita or Shiba Inu, both Japanese breeds. Though he is friends with an alien named Tony, he does not believe in England's magical friends, fairies, or unicorns, except on Halloween. Alternate History — Some major event in the past changed, like the Russian Revolution never occurring. He tears down buildings! S. Korea claims to hate Japan but often can be seen copying Japan's style and taking credit for others' work. In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Honda Kiku (本田菊). See more ideas about anime, anime boy, anime christmas. This is most likely the reason the "50" is not present in the anime adaption. This is loosely based off of an event that happened where the whole Japanese cabinet resigned due to the increasingly good relations between Russia and Germany. When he first appeared in the webcomic series, he wore a standard gray/black uniform until sometime after joining the Axis. He is a short, slim man with black hair, dark brown eyes, and is often depicted wearing a white naval uniform with black and gold accents. They seem to have a healthy sibling relationship, despite Canada's passive aggressive resentment and America's cluelessness. Aside from being afraid of ghosts, scary movies, and weighing scales, he also fears marmite. In one published strip it is shown he sees the world as an RPG, another hint at his otaku nature. His otaku side is further shown when he decides to buy a Shonen Jump magazine in his preparations for the New Year. Meanwhile, America's appearance is based off of that of a Canadian that Himaruya met when he went to America. He breathes fire!". He also has an unusual obsession with grabbing Japan's breasts, with the belief that they belong to him (though he once expressed interest in China's). We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. He also had the urge to touch the Italy brothers' ahoges due to them reminding him of vegetables. The Western order for his name would be Kiku Honda, with the Eastern being Honda Kiku. His distinct island customs may seem mysterious to others, although he finds them perfectly normal. The two nations have a very friendly relation and multiple strips can be seen of them visiting each other or bonding over their mutual love of cats. "Jones" is one of the most common surnames in the United States. Despite not having much in common, Japan suggests they can be lonely together, as both of them do not have many friends. Japan seems to be fond of food in general, very similar to China's fondness, his country's food in particular, as evidenced by his annoyance of having his salted salmon taken off Germany's diet plan. Japan had known Germany for some time (as depicted in the original strips), although Germany said he can never tell what Japan has in mind. because they are about ghosts and paranormal activity. In modern-day strips, these two get along well. Turkey seems to have a soft spot for Japan, and Japan, in turn, has mutual respect for him. America's kind-hearted brother, who is frequently overshadowed by him and has even been mistaken for him more than once. Despite this, Japan had not stated wether he likes Turkey or Greece more. Though Netherlands acted aggressive towards most others, he refrained from acting this way towards Japan to convince him to open trade with foreigners, due to having had a companionship with him for years before. ВКонтакте – универсальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников, которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек. He introduces "table turning" to Japan, asking what he would like to question the table about. In Hetalia: World Stars Chapter 42, it is stated that Taiwan finds the idea of giving chocolates to guys "kawaii", and it also shows her giving Valentine's chocolate to Japan, in which he accepts. In the NotoSama 6 game, America was able to stop a car with the heel of his foot. Japan is shown to often be unnerved by Italy's "shameless" and unusual behavior, even as going as far as to order him to "take responsibility" and marry him after having been hugged and kissed. It is heavily based on Poland-ball. In modern-day strips, these two get along well. He possesses an abnormal amount of strength, shown even as a child by easily swinging a full-grown buffalo around, and has been once seen running around dragging a heavy Rolls Royce, belonging to England, behind him for an hour in order to ask permission to borrow it. Prussia possibly goes to Japan's house very often, as he said that he "usually" has tea and manjuu when he goes. Japan first appears in Episode 01 at the "Meeting Of The World", where he agrees with America's ridiculous solution for global warming. When the Revolutionary War came, America declared his independence and split from England, creating a huge rift between the two that still is present, if only less severe. America (アメリカ, Amerika) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and leads the Allied Forces. As America is obsessed with heroes and happy endings, he hopes that his future will be that way. America and the other nations also tend to forget that he exists, but there are times, such as in Episode 44, where Canada comes to talk to America, and America has no trouble recognizing him and seeing him. Project NA is an episodic fan fiction game for "Hetalia World Series;" but the story is set in an alternate universe so anyone, even non-fans, should be able to enjoy it. In Black Ships have Come, America succeeds in getting Japan to open up his borders, but does so in a way that Japan feels as if there was no choice.
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