This man is the father of one of the victims from the Sewol Ferry incident in Korea, which killed 304 people (mostly children) out of the 476 passengers in April 16, 2014. As the Sewol ferry resurfaced from the bottom of the sea, so did many tragic memories of those who were lost in 2014, but the skies above Korea had a special message for those affected by the event. First off, Spring day is a story centered around friendship. BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook shared interesting insights into many of their hit tracks, including Spring Day and Fake Love. Dingo Studios and Sunmi surprised Sewol Ferry tragedy survivor Jang Ae Jin with a special night she’ll never forget. In the accident, more than three hundred people lost their lives, and 250 amongst them were the students from Danwon High Schoo who became victims. Never forget 0416. Sewol ferry: S Korea court gives captain life sentence for murder. A diver’s pain: Living with the ghost of Sewol tragedy. You might have heard that BTS donated a large amount of money to the families of the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident. How do you feel about the theory that BTS's Spring Day is a tribute to the Sewol Ferry Accident? This is the story of MV Sewol… I don't see any "sewol ferry incident" connections in "spring day" . More than two years after Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea, rescue workers are still recovering from the trauma. There are lot more other logical theories out there. Jang Ae Jin is majoring in […] Perhaps the most distinct tribute to the tragedy takes place in the carousel scene. BTS “Spring Day” and Sewol Ferry Tragedy. He is one out of many who has similar thoughts and appreciation towards 'Spring Day' as a song and its music video. What caused the sewol ferry to sink? This comeback is no different. The bedroom of … Pretty sure a lot of people already posted ideas regarding this video, but here are some as well in another version. A majority of the victims were high school students; over 250 of them drowned in the incident. Onze minutes plus tard, le ferry coulent. Many South Koreans take pride in rising from postwar poverty to the developed country status. Omelas is Korea, a country which seems to be prosperous and full of happy people. The song 'Spring Day' and the music video seem to reference the Sewol Ferry Incident. In the interview by Esquire, though, when asked directly if the song is about a sad event, Jin replied with, “It is about a sad event, as you said, but it is also about longing.” chiirbii 4,755 chiirbii 4,755 you'e doing amazing, sweetie; Member; 4,755 2,685 posts; Awards. The color yellow has been used by the Korean general public to symbolize the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. When the Sewol made a sharp turn while fighting a strong current, the badly balanced ferry began to keel over. In April 2014, the ferry MV Sewol, unfortunately, sank that was on its way to Jeju Island. Extra berths made the ship so top-heavy that dockworkers said it would lurch badly when loading or unloading. Published 28 April 2015. Dingo Studios and Sunmi surprised Sewol Ferry tragedy survivor Jang Ae Jin with a special night she’ll never forget. One year since the Sewol ferry disaster that left 304 dead, South Korea is still trying to cope with the enduring pain of the April 16, 2014, disaster. Link to post Share on other sites. Jang Ae Jin is majoring in […] ☜BTS☞ - Omelas + Sinking of MV Sewol ☚conspiracy☛ The central idea of this scapegoat (the child who suffers in the benefit of the others) can be associated with the young victims of the Sewol tragedy. What happened in sewol ferry tragedy? We all love BTS’s kind gesture. Four years later, in August 2018, the official panel investigation on the accident said it could not find exact causes for … The Sewol Ferry Incident being tied to the elite is a well-known "conspiracy theory" even in Korea. Here are some connections I found between the “Spring Day” MV and the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. The lyrics talk about friends missing each other and being unable to meet. The aftermath of this disaster can still be experienced after six years. And throughout . BTS Theory of Spring Day - Sinking of MV Sewol . 1. In 2014, an unfortunate disaster happened in South Korea where a ferry en-route to Jeju Island from Icheon capsized, leaving over 304 of the 476 passengers dead. On the cusp of the third anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, Dingo Studios and Sunmi set out to surprise Jang Ae Jin, a 21-year-old college student and survivor of the Sewol Ferry incident. Sewol disaster victims: The bedrooms they left behind Photographers and artists remember the child victims of the South Korean ferry disaster. Un message retentit alors dans le haut-parleur du ferry. Renovations by the owner, and approved by regulators, made the ferry more profitable, but also dangerous. Back in 2014, BTS’s fans donated relief goods to families right after the incident occurred. However, BTS has been reluctant to confirm whether or not “Spring Day” truly was inspired by the Sewol Ferry Incident. Ferry victims' last, horrifying moments: Corpses pulled from Korea wreck reveal children broke their fingers trying to escape sinking ship. Published 11 November 2014. "A tous les passagers et à tous les lycéens : restez où vous êtes" peut-on entendre. The boys are very sympathetic and helpful. Avec d'autres, il s'est engagé auprès des familles des victimes du naufrage du ferry Sewol qui, il y a un an, le 16 avril 2014, a causé 304 morts, en majorité des lycéens. BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment revealed that each of the members donated 10 million Won (70 million Won in total), and their agency donated 30 million Won, amounting to a grand total of 100 million Won in donations.. The Sewol sank because of greed. BTS promoted "Spring Day" with televised live performances on various South Korean music programs, including M! Countdown, Music Bank, ... Several fans and media publications speculated that the visual references the Sewol Ferry Disaster that took place on April 16, 2014, which left more than 300 students missing or dead. BTS' Spring Day's Impact on the Public and the Victims' Families of Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Awards. Sewol trial: Ferry captain sentenced to 36 years in jail. This goes all the way back to the Japanese colonization of Korea in 1910 to the Sewol Ferry Disaster in 2014. Sewol ferry sank on 16 April 2014, in South Korean waters taking the lives of over 300 people, most of whom where kids on a school excursion. Sort of like the whole "9/11 inside job" thing is a well-known conspiracy in the West. On the cusp of the third anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, Dingo Studios and Sunmi set out to surprise Jang Ae Jin, a 21-year-old college student and survivor of the Sewol Ferry incident. BTS were never one to shy away from controversies or politically sensitive subjects. This is not the first time BTS have been involved in providing aid for the Sewol Ferry disaster. Share this post.
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