New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might have turned 40 earlier this month, LeGarrette Blount Jerseysbut the grind of training camp has never felt less extreme to him.

"It's a lot easier for me now than it's ever been," Brady said after the Patriots and the Houston Texans finished their second of two joint practices Wednesday at The Greenbrier. "I feel like my routine is better than it's ever been. When you're younger, you don't know what to do. After 17 years, going into my 18th year, I know how to prepare."

The result is that Brady feels he's in solid physical condition.I'm never sore," he said. Danny Amendola Jerseys"I could practice every day. Rob Gronkowski JerseysI could practice twice a day if they'd let us do that, but that's not the way it goes anymore. It's just fun being out here competing. That's what us football players are here for. It's football season -- we go out and compete."

For Brady, it also means to continually fine-tune his mechanics. He had reminders for himself on his left wristband during Wednesday's practice, which highlighted his rotation, being on his toes and bending his knees.

Asked if there is any part of throwing mechanics that is more important than the others, Dont'a Hightower Jerseysor that might require more work, Brady said he works on his mechanics in general every day.

"For every player it's a little bit different depending on how you grew up learning," he said. "I'm always trying to be more efficient and more accurate, more velocity. I feel like I'm at a good place. Sometimes you get out of rhythm and you've got to find your rhythm back. Tom Brady JerseysUsually I know exactly what I need to do when I can see the flight of the ball. It's always a work in progress."

Tuesday, 28 November 2023

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"Good Governance and the Position & the Role of the Armed Forces in a Democracy". Training Course

For it's third time, LESPERSSI in cooperation with Departemen of Defense of The Republic of Indonesia and The Clingendael Institute, The Netherlands held "Good Governance and the Position & the Role of the Armed Forces in a Democracy" training course on 17 February - 10 March 2004 at The Clingendael Institutes, The Netherlands. The participants consist of 16 people, derived from variety background of military/police officer, academicians, NGOs activist, and journalist. Firstly, They have had to going through the selection process by attending the workshop, which are "Sec...


Democratisation, The Indonesian Army (TNI) and the Separatist Movement in Aceh

Democratisation, The Indonesian Army (TNI) and the Separatist Movement in Aceh By Dr Aleksius Jemadu Introduction Throughout the Indonesian post-independence history the process of nation-building has always been characterised by the dominant role of the state in mobilizing the people towards national integration...


Dinamika Politik Indonesia 2007 dan Prediksi Politik 2008

Pemilu 2009 sebentar lagi, refleksi dinamika politik selama tahun 2007 dan prediksi politik tahun 2008 kiranya akan memberikan gambaran awal mengenai situasi politik Indonesia di masa mendatang. ...


Akuntabilitas Anggaran Pertahanan

  Pendahuluan Anggaran pertahanan di negara manapun merupakan isu yang sangat rumit dan kompleks. Hal ini dikarenakan proses penyusunan anggaran pertahanan sangat bergantung pada penilaian dari situasi lingkungan dan ancaman yang ada. Selain itu, yang tidak kalah pentingnya adalah seberapa besarkah ketersediaan alokasi anggaran negara dengan pertimbangan prioritas di luar bidang pertahanan.   Berdasarkan RAPBN-P Tahun Anggaran 2010, Kementerian Pertahanan diusulkan untuk memperoleh porsi anggaran sebesar Rp. 42.638,5 milyar (meningkat 0,8 persen dari Rp. 42.310,1 Milyar pada RAPBN 2010)....


Mendesak Nasionalisasi Isu Perbatasan

  Askar Wataniah dan Bukti Lemahnya Pengelolaan Kawasan Perbatasan Adanya indikasi mengenai WNI yang direkrut sebagai anggota pasukan Askar Wataniah-pasukan keamanan Malaysia di perbatasan-yang merupakan bagian dari Tentara Diraja Malaysia menunjukkan lemahnya kontrol dan komitmen pemerintah dalam pengelolaan wilayah perbatasan. Buruknya lagi, keanggotaan warga negara Indonesia sebagai Askar Wataniah diperkirakan sudah diketahui pemerintah Indonesia dan TNI setidaknya dua tahun silam.[1] Hal ini tentu saja semakin memperkuat asumsi bahwa ada kelemahan dalam pengelolaan perbatasan di Indones...

WelcomeTo Lesperssi
Monday, 21 January 2008 19:33

Indonesia Institute for Defense and StrategicStudies (LESPERSSI) was established in 1996 as a discussion forum that analyze several issues at that time, such as, horizontal and vertical conflict, democratization, civil-military relations, and other strategic issues on regional or international level.


For years, LESPERSSI has positioned as a non-governmental organization in Indonesia that focused on activities regarding the defense, security, and other strategic issues. There are a few activities that performing by LESPERSSI such as research, training, conference, and workshop and producing research publicities to support and enhance public accountability, good governance, democratic oversight, and the quality of democracy.


The institute is a non-government organization that legally founded as a foundation. The institute tries to develop political dynamics in society by pushing forward the essence of science and knowledge that is truthful and meritocratic. Therefore, the institute is committed to propagate a dynamic civil society and democratization in Indonesia.


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